Agony of Mind

by Facing Worlds

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released November 17, 2015

Agony of Mind /

Recorded in September of 2015 by Daniel Schmuck
Album cover photo by Gray Muncy

Band Members /

Taylor Ponzo
Riley Morgan
Graham Slota
Austin Johanningmeier
Jason Arp

Special thanks to Cagle Amplification, the DFW hardcore community, and the Denton crew.



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Facing Worlds Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Dissolve
I'm at the forefront of deception
Once clear connections are now foreign to me
Transparent ways, too blurred to see
Dissolve, til I'm free

The weight on your conscience
No weight in your promise
No light underneath

The weight on your conscience
No weight in your promise
No room to breathe

Fallin' out before a dim future I can foresee
Dissolve 'til I'm free
Track Name: Agony of Mind
A chain of a certain crisis
Spiraling out in silence
Desire to break it
Desire to change
Spiraling down, I'm silent

Observe in the midst of descent
The root of all my laments
This agony of mind
One cause brings anothers torment

Shun one just to come back again
Brush it off, refuse to be condemned
I'm dying in the eyes of the fiend I'm against

This agony of mind...
Track Name: Bad Faith
Mistakes you've made
Won't shoulder the blame
A grave past tied to your name

Your truth was never sung
A throne above right and wrong
Never questions of self
Ideal morals to escape this hell
You'll cave to your delusions
Blind praise to cause confusion

Bad faith

I'll introspect
Dig through regrets
Ran past his debt
Paradise now, not past death
Drilled into your head
Never believe you've been misled

Tolerance for the sake of love
Fear of punishment, lust to be absolved
A witness to this saving grace
Never understood
Bad faith
Track Name: Punishing My Soul
Drifting through, lost and detached
Torn apart by my selfish acts
I'm burdened with this suffering of self
Lost in this hell with the numbness of how I react
No longer intact

Pieced back together, the weight takes its toll
Punishing my soul
It strips away everything
No hope at maintaining control
I break inside
Little left to die

I'll follow the same steps
Back to the surface
I'm fightin with a new hex
Do I deserve this?

Pain grows as I find
A spirit split with the passing of time
A constant cold forcing me to fold
Punishing my soul